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Of all the fees charged by professionals, lawyer’s fees seem to be the most controversial. No doubt some of the problem rests with us in the legal community but let’s be clear, legal services are not inexpensive. Having said that, good legal help can be invaluable. As a business person as well as a lawyer, I know the importance of “getting what you paid for” and make every effort to ensure my clients get value for their money.



Legal Research: $150.00 per hour


Legal research can have multiple benefits. First and sometimes most important, we usually have a more success working with emotional responses to a situation when we feel prepared. Good research means good information, good information is the life blood of decision making.


Document Preparation and Review / Customary Legal Advice: $175.00 hour


As a primarily transactional law practice much of my work consists of drafting and/or reviewing documents.


Examples include:


LLC Operating Agreement - Residential and Commercial Construction Contracts - AIA Construction Document Compliance - Settlement Agreement - License Agreement - Service Agreement - Letter of Intent - Purchase Agreement - Settlement and Release - Assignment of Contract - Loan Agreement - Promissory Note - Partnership Agreement - Joint Venture Agreement - Guarantee Agreement- Security Agreement - Employment-Related Contracts - Employment Agreement - Partner Non-Compete Agreement - Independent Contractor Agreement - Consulting Agreement - Distributor Agreement - Sales Commission Agreement - Confidentiality Agreement - Nondisclosure Agreement - Employment Separation Agreement - Sales-Related Contracts - Indemnity Agreement - Sales Agreements for Goods or Services - Warranty Agreements - Security Agreement - Licensing Agreement - Warranty Agreement - Commercial Lease - Equipment Lease


Estate Planning / Wills /Trusts /Related Documents: $350.00 to $2,000.00

While a broad range of pricing each client has different needs and the more complex the estate plan..

there is no charge for an initial consultation

Other Legal Representation: $195.00 + per hour


I prefer to bill hourly but will charge a flat fee for specific matters after consultation.


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