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Enjoying Sunset

an intention or decision about what one is going to do


to make or get someone or something ready for something that will happen in the future

Photo Studio

further the progress of something, especially a cause, venture or aim

Ref's Call

to maintain the status or integrity to keep safe from harm or injury


carrying out or accomplishing an action, task or function

the persuasion business’—whether a lawyer engages in litigation or transactions. We ‘persuade’ clients to retain us, opposing counsel that we are highly capable, and judges, magistrates that we are knowledgeable, zealous and ethical advocates.

Good lawyers are problem solvers. We do so by blending legal judgment with persuasion, ethical compliance, and compassion. Without compassion, I cannot put myself in your shoes or fully understand the issues you face.

There are some people who believe a lawyer needs to be aggressive to be effective. I do not agree. You don’t need to be aggressive — though you must be assertive. Assertive lawyers state our opinions and make ourselves heard while remaining respectful of others. Overly aggressive lawyers attack or ignore others’ opinions unable to 'see both sides'  of an issue.

At P5 Legal, we understand that each matter is unique; each client must be counseled differently, and every solution must be carefully crafted.

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